Saturday, August 22, 2009

Talking to a Liberal

A year or so back, we were having a conversation with another couple. I don’t recall what the innocuous remark was, but it infuriated the other woman, who called us names and stormed off. I was going to say something to her, but her partner said it would be a waste of time. I reflected on it and decided they must be like James Carville and Mary Matlin.

I guess I need to re-read Ann Coulter’s “How to Talk to a Liberal”.

Liberals have always had a problem debating with conservatives. They don’t really understand conservatives’ attraction to individualism and honor and responsibility enough to be able to come up with coherent responses when people say they want low taxes and a small government. All liberals know is that they are very smart, and everyone else is very dumb for not seeing how smart they are and that they should run everything. So they come up with childish name-calling, such as “conservatives are greedy” and “conservatives are evil” to try and shut up what they don’t understand. And they find there is nothing better than the cry of “racism.”

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