Sunday, October 19, 2014

More From The Religion Of Peace

Ibn Khjaldun one of Islamic thinkers of the Middle Ages has an essay arguing that looting, not trade, is a morally preferable way to acquire wealth. Why? Because trade is based own exploitation of the needs of others and is therefore base and shameful. Looting, by contrast, is courageous and manly since you have to defeat a rival in open combat and take his stuff.

Not at all compatible with any democratic system of government that protects property right is it?

Read more horrors.

Friday, October 17, 2014

As Dictator

I don’t think we can get the country back on track without drastic action. The liberals have been screwing things up since TDR. So here is my first day plan as dictator. I would like to get the laws back to pre 1901. Is there a reset button for that?

Day One:

Shut down all of the alphabet agencies. If any prove to be actually needed, we can open the doors again.

No federal taxes will be collected to fund state or local projects. Those projects deemed necessary can be done by the local governments. Need a bridge, fund it and pay for it locally. No more of the nonsense of sending money to DC and writing a grant to get it back.

The only federal tax shall be a percentage of current individual income. There will be no corporate, cap gains, dividend, death, excise, duties, etc. States will be encouraged to do the same.

Public pensions shall be in line with private pensions for both payout and years of service.

The VA will be closed. All care will be done by private providers. The VA is nothing but a bureaucracy with a lot of incompetents waiting on their pensions.

Pensions will be provided to service personal injured in combat, without respect to years of service.

Public unions are banned. Top public union leaders will be exiled to Kyrgyzstan.

No private union can mandate membership/dues as a employment condition.

Give the UN one month to pack and get out of the country. No more funding.

End funding to the IMF or World Bank.

No impediments to free trade.

Term limits on all federal elective offices - 12 years max.

The publishers of the NYT will have all their assets seized and the entire clan will be shipped to Dem Rep of the Congo.