Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I read to learn and I have learned a lot from an author I discovered a few years back, Victor Davis Hanson. We have read all of his books. I have even read Thucydides, because he wrote an introduction to the translation. Since he is eminently knowledgeable in Greek history, he readily sees the contrasts and comparisons with modern governments and culture. I seldom read one of his articles without learning a new word.

In the article below, my new word was ochlocracy. Which is government by mob.

[Did you know you can obtain the definition of any word through Google. Try it. Type Define:ochlocracy in the address bar of your browser. One of the selections should be]

Now armed with this new knowledge, you are prepared to read Our Ongoing Catharsis. Which gives some hope that that is a way out of the current crisis.

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