Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Emendation to Archilochus

I post this for my own benefit. Perhaps you will find something in it for yourself?

You know how much I enjoy Victor Davis Hanson, VDH. I always learn something from reading his articles. Having reference materials at hand is most useful when reading his articles.

I had ordered an old William F. Buckley book, The Lexicon. Which is described as a cornucopia of wonderful words for the inquisitive work lover. Starting as a teen ager, I did the Reader’s Digest Word Power. So Buckley’s book is a natural for me.

Recently VDH wrote:

What is this strange attraction for these new reality shows about burly, raucous, and often obnoxious truckers, loggers, fishermen, miners, and bail bondsmen, if not their ability to pit physical strength and courage against the wild bunches? We don’t watch real TV about classicists finding a new emendation to Archilochus or a tort lawyer finding a new twist to a case.

Emendation? Archilochus? This could only be written by someone who can conjugate a Greek verb in all its 300-plus forms. I admire anyone who can read Greek and knows  Archilochus and can use the two words in a sentence.

I picked up the newly arrived The Lexicon, somehow knowing that Buckley could hold his own with VDH.

(noun) The word or the matter substituted for incorrect or unsuitable matter.

??? Thankfully, he uses it in a sentence. The new conservatives, many of whom go by the name of Modern Republicans, have not been very helpful. Their sin consists in permitting so many accretions, modifications, emendations, maculations and qualifications that the original things quite recedes from view.

This concludes today’s word games.

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