Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Au Revoir Mr. Cain

We were Herman Cain supporters, but never really expected him to become the nominee.  He had some decent ideas and we thought that some of them would be might be adopted by the nominee whoever that might be.  We went to a rally for him which was the first and only political rally we have attended.  The crowd was a mixture of young, middle aged and old, white, black and oriental.  I kept thinking that 40 years ago there would have been no white support for him in a town where MLK and his father both preached.  We have come a long way.  I am so sorry it ended the way it did.

Which brings up another matter.  Where were these women when he had 5% of the vote?  They all came forward at once.  Was this planned?  What about the woman that was with Gloria Allred.  What does she get out of all of this?  I don't understand the woman that said she had a 13 year affair with him.  As a woman, I would think that you had to have some positive feeling for the man you are having an affair with.  If there was an affair, did he dump her and she is bitter?  If I were having an affair with someone and he decided to run for president, then those positive feelings I had for him would have kept me silent. 

I spent my career working with a large financial corporation and there were lawsuits.  Most of the time, the client was angry because he lost money.  The client always knew there was no guarantee that he would make money every time.  So the client sues the large corporation and the corporation settles the case just to make it go away because it would cost more money and time to prove our innocence.  Apparently that happened with Herman Cain - it does not prove guilt.  He is a smart man.  If he were having an affair, surely he knew that it would come out.

And the loser in this case is all of us.  His family is hurt.  The country has lost a positive spokesman.  What have these women won?  The liberals have won because it eliminates a conservative candidate.


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