Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Improved Health Care?

New Improved Health Care is proposed and is it good?  A  government task force said most women do not need a  mammogram until they are in their 50's and then only every two years.  It also stated that doctor's do not need to show patients how to do self-breast exams because they do no good.  That was the news that came out of China a couple of years ago. 

Now Barack Obama is president and has the Obamacare program which will help everyone, cost everyone less money and give everyone better care.  I take exception to that on a very personal basis - I had breast cancer on 2002.  For years I had mammograms and I had three biopsies that were benign.  Prior to the 2002 mammogram I thought about canceling  because nothing had ever been found, but decided to go ahead with the exam.  If I had been required to wait because it wasn't “my year” for the exam, I don't know if I would be alive today.  The cancer, although small, had metastasized into my first lymph node.  Another year could have been deadly.

The American Cancer Society and the Susan Komen Foundation are against abandoning annual exams.  Why aren't women up in arms against yet another Obama stupid decision?

On a different health care note :  Obama says that his improved healthcare will cut fraud and waste.  I have trouble with this statement.  I have heard about "fraud & waste" ever since Medicare and Medicaid were put into effect by Democrats.  My questions is why doesn't he just cut this fraud and waste since he seems to know how to do it - if his Obamacare doesn't pass, then will he  let "fraud & waste" continue!


Don opines: If national health care was a good deal, Congress would not have exempted themselves from it.

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