Friday, November 20, 2009

Even Worse Than Carter

When Barry was elected, my hope was that he would be no worse than Carter. He has far exceeded Carter in trying to destroy the US.

I have tried hard this year to be tolerant of liberals. But, I have lost that battle. They are the enemy of all I believe. They have destroyed this country, not just for me, but for my grand kids. I want nothing to do with anyone that voted for Obama. OK, tying them over an anthill would be fun.

Now for Pelosi, strip her and leave her in the Routt National Forest during prime mosquito season.


Victor Davis Hanson writes:

At some point, Obama may conclude that the vast President jet, the opulence of the Presidency, the power and influence at his fingertips, all that national wealth and more were not created by Acorn, community organizing, Michelle’s legal brilliance, Axelrod’s savvy advice, or Emanuel’s crassness, or by claiming that doctors needlessly take out tonsils and amputate limbs, or in general by sonorous tones promising to give someone vast amounts of someone else’s money, but rather through preserving a climate of freedom, respect for continuity and tradition, and government non-intrusion into the market place that encourage people to try to go into business and retain some of their profits — as recompense for getting up on Saturday morning at 6AM to get down to open the dry cleaning store, or borrowing one’s net worth to open a new stationary outlet, or staying late till 7PM to do a crown, or gambling that the new $500,000 crane will pay for itself in 5 years, or going under someone’s house on a Sunday to unclog the toilet.

These are the most interesting of times: we are witnessing nothing less than an attempt in just 10 months to reinvent the United States at home and abroad into something it never was, led by someone who, the more soothing, comforting, and melodic his speech-making, the more bruising, cut-throat, and ruthless the act that follows.

So it’s like we’re living in the late Roman Republic…

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