Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mad Ramblings

The Election

Let’s first dispense with the spurious notion that Clinton really won. Hillary Clinton’s popular-vote margin of 2.9 million was built on an extremely narrow base. Mrs. Clinton won only in coastal cities, academic enclaves and very poor areas such as the Mississippi Delta and the Alabama Black Belt. Subtract her margins in a mere five counties—the New York City boroughs, save Staten Island, and Los Angeles County—and she lost the popular vote in the remainder of the nation by more than 500,000. Thanks to the foresight of some dead white guys, who protected us with the Electoral College knowing that democracy can be ruinous. It was a democracy that convicted Socrates! We are a republic.


Obama leaves us with an economy propped up with cheap money, staggering debt, a weakened military, and more racial dis-harmony since the 1960’s.

In Obama’s words We are too divided and “keep talking past each other.” We are increasingly stuck in cultural and intellectual enclaves, and choose whatever news we’re inclined to believe.
Right, and he got us there.

On Trump

So far, so good. His cabinet may well be the best in perhaps ever.

Gen. Mattis is that vanishingly rare thing in Washington, a figure of almost universal respect.

Rex Tillerson is distinguished, calm, informed and a world class negotiator.

Sen. Jeff Sessions promises a return to the rule of law.

Gen. John Kelly, nominee to head the Department of Homeland Security, has bipartisan support. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, said: “I would trust him with my life.”

No better choice could be made for HUD, than Ben Carson who grew up in pubic housing.

Betsy DeVos has devoted much of her fortune to helping poor kids escape failing public schools.
Liberals claim that Mrs. DeVos is unqualified to lead the Education Department because she’s never been a teacher. Yet the same crowd, Warren and Sanders, howl that bankers shouldn’t be regulating banks. Which is it?

Chain The Doors

There was education before there was a department of education. There was trade before there was a commerce department. There was housing before the slums HUD oversees. Transportation, FDA, EPA and the VA. Close them all. Oh yeah, and give the UN 90 days to get out of the country.

The VA? Veterans would be better served by being able to get medical treatment from any private institution. You think the best doctors work for the VA?

On Big Government

I am not interested in any discussion that advocates a strong central government. Hamilton and Madison had that long ago. I come down on the side of Madison and Jefferson. Limited central government and states rights.

There is not one progressive idea that has improved the lot of any disadvantaged person or group. Not one. LBJ did accomplish equal opportunity, civil and voting rights which were enshrined in law. That was positive. But the endless programs that have flowed from it have done no good.


Repeal all federal laws concerning firearms.

On His Farewell Speech
By David Harsanyi

Obama’s central case for government’s existence rests on the notion of the state being society’s moral center, engine of prosperity, and arbiter of fairness. He speaks of government as a theocrat might of church—and his fans return the favor by treating him like a pope.

“When Congress is dysfunctional,” Obama explained, “we should draw our districts to encourage politicians to cater to common sense and not rigid extremes.” For the president, a “dysfunctional” Congress means a Congress unwilling to pass progressive legislation.

“No foreign terrorist organization,” the president bragged yesterday, “has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland in the last eight years.”

Now, if you don’t count the attack in San Bernardino, or the ISIS-inspired terrorist attack on Pulse,  and if you forget the Fort Hood shooting in Texas, and you skip the Boston Marathon bombings  then, perhaps, the president’s claim might have some veracity.

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