Wednesday, December 17, 2014


One definition of an Independent might be is that they have no compass. If the Democrats ever ran a conservative, that definition would not hold water. But, they have not, so the idea of being a Independent is just silly; their compass is meaningless. They have lost their way, because they are not getting their way. Let’s explain.

In 1976, Ford and Regan fought a brutal delegate battle. Regan refused to get behind Ford and really campaign for the GOP. As a result, we got the liberal Carter.

In 2008, McCain ran a lackluster campaign  I said at the time I would vote for a barking dog over a liberal. Not many people agreed with me as Republicans stayed home in droves.

In 2012, after Romney was the nominee, not a single other candidate really backed him. Gary Johnson even ran as a Libertarian. Where were Rick Santorum, Bachmann, Perry, etc? Romney would have won with one or two more states. But, Republicans stayed home in droves and we got another four years of Obama.

Today Jeb Bush said he might run. Already I read that Republicans will vote Independent or stay home if Bush were to become the nominee. Are they fucking insane? Did they learn nothing on the playground. Half a loaf is better than starving. If this attitude of if I can’t have my candidate I will ensure a liberal is elected continues, there really is no need for the GOP or any other party.

Wake Up!

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