Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Power Of Art

Since Bill Buckely died, conservatives have not had a very effective voice. That needs to change if we are to gain any ground. According to Paul Harvey, there is power of art over argument. He puts it this way…

“Nobody could have persuaded a generation to produce a baby boom—yet Shirley Temple movies made every couple want to have one. Military enlistments were lagging for our Air Force until, almost overnight, a movie called Top Gun had recruits standing in line. The power of art over argument. The elevation of the downtrodden never relies on logic. It is instead facilitated by the persistent persuasion of gifted penman. British sweatshops for children existed only until Dickens wrote about them. American slaves were slaves only until Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote about them. Oh, yes, Lincoln himself credited her with having started the Civil War. The power of art over argument. Animal rights activists bemoan the difficulty of making most people relate to animals. Yet, once upon a time, a cartoonist named Walt Disney created an animal character called Bambi, and in one year, deer hunting nose-dived from a $5.7 million business to a $1 million business. The power of art over argument. Statues mandating more humane treatment for draft horses were initiated by a book: Black Beauty. You want to convince the unconvinced? Don’t call to arms—call to art!

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