Sunday, September 25, 2011

Black Conservatives Are Racist?

Something interesting is happening in politics.  Two men are getting a lot of publicity – Lt. Col. Allen West (ret) and Mr. Herman Cain.  Col. West ran for office as a U. S. Representative from Florida and won.  Mr. Cain has had a lot of success in the private sector, including former chairman and CEO of Godfather's Pizza. 

Neither sounds like much of a big deal, but that's where people are wrong.  Col. West has led men, he knows how to do that.  Mr. Cain took a company that was losing money and turned it profitable.  Both men know how to surround themselves with people that are capable of looking at a situation and telling their "bosses" how they can help turn the situation around with successful results.  Both men are not afraid of speaking out using common sense.

They see the Tea Party was a group of concerned citizens that want the country turned around.  The Tea Party is labeled by liberals as being stupid, ignorant, and uncaring.  When that doesn't work, the liberals come up with a worst label - racist.  Always remember that if all else fails, use the term racist.  The problem with this is that Col. West and Mr. Cain are African-Americans - how can this be!

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