Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thank You Liberals

The mid-term election is closing in and all talk is about the mess the country is in and it is the fault of either George Bush or the party of No. So, I started thinking about what liberals have done for me in the past four years

First - I am much more politically aware. In the past I have liked some presidents more than others, some I have disliked, but I always thought that our country could overcome a bad one. But the constant hate of George Bush and the Conservatives by the left became more than I could tolerate. My feelings of disgust increased every time one of these people spewed hate. It increased during the 20008 election and became worse daily. If President Bush wasn't blasted, then Sarah Palin was. The media took great delight in this, but could see no wrong whatsoever with Obama. I must admit that I could not believe people wanted Obama more than Senator McCain. I feel that the president, congress and the liberal lefts must really hate America, otherwise how could they be so happy to destroy it. So thank you liberals for making me increase my knowledge of what is going on in our country.

Second - My beliefs toward Christianity have increased greatly. I use to take it for granted. Now I realize that the liberals are trying to take that away from me. You can't criticize any religion, except Christianity. There is freedom of religion for every religion except Christianity. Display of the nativity scene is prohibited. Saying Merry Christmas is no longer acceptable. So thank you liberals for increasing my faith.

Third - I always felt I was patriotic, but now I realize how important our country really is. I was raised where the Pledge of Allegiance was something that was said every day before school with your hand over your heart and men removed their hats. Never were we told not to wave our flag, but it is perfectly acceptable for illegal aliens to wave the flag of the country they were fleeing. So thank you liberals for making me more patriotic and giving me a stronger sense of America while you try to destroy it.

Fourth - respect for our Constitution and the laws of the country that should be followed. Obama wants Supreme Court Justices that think the Constitution should be a document viewed only from their "life experience", not what our forefather wrote. So thank you liberals for increasing my knowledge of our Constitution and our laws.

Fifth - Racism - I thought America was past racism. I did not care if Obama was black, white or half- black half-white. It was his beliefs that were important. So we get the first half black president. Now I see as much racism as in the first half of the last century, but it's different this time. This time it's an excuse. Any criticism of the president is seen by liberals as racism. Any disagreement with liberals is because the opposing side is racist. Obama never mentions his white heritage - is he ashamed of the people that raised him to be what he is today? So thank you liberals for creating a more racist America.

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