Saturday, April 3, 2010

War Presidents

This is Victor Davis Hanson on the double standard of Dem and Rep war presidents.’s why Woodrow Wilson could do what he did in World War I, FDR could do what he did and Truman did what he did, LBJ and JFK could do what they do because the idea is that a Democrat is a man of peace. He’s a utopian. He doesn’t like war. He goes to it reluctantly. A Republican is a blood thirsty warrior type person who likes war and so anytime we have a democratic president, the left-wing is really to forgive him in a much greater degree than he is a Republican. You’re right. Obama’s been a great gift not only to the Republicans but to George Bush because singlehandedly he showed the world, he said to the world, your anti- Americanism, your George Bush hatred, your writ that Bush shredded the Constitution, it had nothing to do with reality. It was just piggybacking on the American left’s critique of a sitting Republican president for partisan purposes. Look, we’re doing everything that Bush did in Iraq, everything in Afghanistan, tribunals, renditions, intercepts, Patriot Act, etc., Predators, and where are the marches in Europe right now about Predators? They don’t exist. Where is some Hollywood celebrity giving a speech at the Oscars about rendition? Where’s the movie Rendition? Where’s the movie Redacted, Valley of Elah? Where’s all these Hollywood anti-Iraq movies? They don’t exist.

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