Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Romney & His Religion

A word about Mitt Romney and his religion. There is a separation of church and state, that is very important to acknowledge. I remember when I was a sophomore in high school and John Kennedy was running for president. Kennedy was Catholic and we had not had a Catholic president before. I remember the comments vividly, "the Pope will control the White House." Of course, that did not happen, but it was a hugh issue back then. Now Mitt Romney is running for President and instead of talking about his religion, Santorum's religion is being brought up as a strong family man and strong values. Though our travels in Utah we have meet many Mormans. There is not a group of people that I have ever met anywhere that have a stronger work ethic, higher morals, and stronger family values. Mr. Santorum, whom I assume is a nice man, for some reason really turns me off. He will certainly turn moderates off and thereby, putting Obama back in for another 4 years. America can not handle this again!

Mr. Romney's White House would not include seducing college interns and Hollywood stars. He will not try to convert America. He, his wife, and their five sons, daughters-in-laws and grandchildren would certainly bring class back to the White House that has been so missing since George and Laura Bush left.

We cannot allow his religion to interfere with him getting the Republican nomination. We must stand behind him and support him. I think he is the only chance we have to get Obama (and what, if any religion is Obama?) out of office.

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